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The Benefits Inc Board is very proud of the programs available for Oregon National Guard members, families and retirees. The companies identified to offer our products have been selected based upon stability, quality of products and value. We take this opportunity to offer some background on the primary companies used for these programs (other companies may be used for more specific coverage requirements). As always, should you have questions, need a quote or desire more information, contact our Benefits Coordinator or one of the Board Members. We consider these companies our partners and ask that you consider them in you personal benefit packages.


AFBA, The 5Star Association ; AFBA was established in February 1947 with the approval of the Secretary of War, Mr. Robert Patterson. The Chief of Staff, General of the Army Eisenhower also approved the establishment of this voluntary membership Association for the purpose of providing group life insurance to Army and Air Force officers serving overseas (most commercial insurance companies would not cover wartime risk). Membership in AFBA today is available to all members of the Uniformed Military Services; Department of Defense and Federal Government Employees; Contractor Employees in support of the Uniformed Military Services; State and Local Employees (to include Police Officers, Firefighters and other First Responders) and their families. Since 1947, AFBA has paid death claims to the beneficiaries of its members for the Korean, Vietnam and Persian Gulf conflicts and the terrorist attack on the Pentagon. AFBA continues to keep its rolls open during the Iraqi War and the "War on Terrorism." AFBA's Certificates of Insurance exceed 516,000 with $35 billion of insurance in force.


Special GROUP Rate coverage programs are offered through various companies specifically selected to provide the best programs for your needs, at the best possible price. Some of the companies available are: METLIFE (Metropolitan Life Insurance Company), MED AMERICA, ALLIANZ, and PRUDENTIAL. As stated previously, coverage is offered for Oregon National Guard members, family members (spouse, brother, sister, parent or grandparent), or retirees. With many programs available, one can be designed around your specific needs/budget. Typically, the younger you are when applying for this coverage, the lower the monthly premium.



Uniformed Services Benefit Association (USBA) was founded in 1959 to meet the needs of Active Duty military personnel, who at the time had difficulty finding adequate life insurance coverage that would cover combat-related deaths. The Cancer and TRICARE Supplement Plans were added later as the need for additional services were identified. The USBA Board of Directors are elected annually and comprise of active and retired members and federal employees. The USBA Mission:.."to provide affordable insurance and financial products and services to military personnel, Federal employees, National Guard and Reserve members, Veterans and their families, with the highest ethical standards and service."


The Benefits Inc Board of Directors consists of six appointed personnel (three from the Officer and three from the Enlsited Associations) in these positions: President, Vice President (Officer), Vice President (Enlisted), Secretary, Treasurer and Board Member. Below are the duties as described in the ByLaws, appointed member and contact email.


The Chief Executive Officer and general manager of the Corporation and shall generally supervise, direct and control the activities and affairs and the officers of the Corporation. The President will preside at all meetings of the Board and shall have other powers and duties as may be prescribed by the Board or the ByLaws.


(Two are appointed, one by the Officer and one by the Enlisted Associations) In the absence or disability of the President, in order of rank, shall perform all the duties of the President. The Vice Presidents shall have other powers and duties as may be prescribed by the Board or the ByLaws.


Shall keep or cause to keep a book of all minutes of all meetings and actions of the Board and of committees of the Board. The Secretary shall also keep or cause to keep a copy of the Articles of Incorporation and ByLaws, as amended to date. The Secretary shall also give or cause to give notice of all meetings of the Board and of committees of the Board and shall have other powers and duties as may be prescribed by the Board or the ByLaws.


Shall keep or cause to keep or maintain or cause to keep adequate and correct books and accounts of the properties and transactions of the Corporation. Such information shall be sent, or reviewed by the Directors and such financial statements and reports as are required by law or these ByLaws. The books of account shall be open to inspection by any Director at all reasonable times. The Treasurer shall deposit all money and other valuables in the name of the Corporation as designated by the Board, and shall disperse the funds of the Corporation as may be ordered by the Board. When requested by the President, an account of all transactions as Treasurer and the financial condition of the Corporation and shall have other powers and duties as may be prescribed by the Board or these ByLaws.


Shall attend all Board meetings and committee meetings as requested and appointed to The Board Member shall take actions as directed at Board meetings shall have other powers and duties as may be prescribed by the Board or these ByLaws.


ORNG Benefits Inc takes great pride in selecting the best coordinators for our benefit programs. We know how important a good relationship within the command and trust in our coordinator is. We also understand how important it is for these programs to meet the needs of your personnel and to be presented at times advantageous to your training so as not to interfere. We thank you for your cooperation.

Arthur E. Liss, CLU, Benefits Coordinator
360-907-7329, Email: aeliss1@comcast.net

Art has a long and exceptional insurance background, beginning in 1970 while living in San Jose, California. He spent 10 years selling life, disability income and retirement plans. Later, Art and a business associate formed an insurance brokerage company specializing in (employee benefits) medical/dental and group life insurance plans. In 1990, Art moved to Camas Washington, initially concentrating on Long Term Care coverages, with continuing life insurance sales. Specific accomplishments:


The Oregon National Guard Benefits Inc "By Laws" can be reviewed by clicking on the attached link. The link will bring you to a PDF document showing the entire twelve pages.

View The Oregon National Guard Benefits Inc "By Laws"


We recognize there may be a need to make changes to personal policies from time to time -- change of addresses, beneficiary changes, and cancellations. This information will provide the quickest means by which to make those changes. We encourage you to contact the Benefits Coordinator before making any changes to ensure the information you have is accurate and complete. As in any case, if you have questions, contact us.

AFBA, The 5 Star Association, provides coverage for Term Life Insurance (SSLI) basic and expanded programs. Contact the Benefits Coordinator, or locate the specific company on the internet (AFBA.com) and follow their specific directions for the completion of change of address, beneficiary changes and/or filing of claims. Additionally, you can contact the SSLI Home Office, Program Administrator at 1-800-462-7441 for specific directions or email to: info@ssli.org. Life Insurance Claims are usually processed through the Military Department, Personnel Office first. Military Department Information number is: 503-584-3980. We recommend contacting the SSLI Home Office at the same time to ensure the initial distribution of benefit funds as quickly as possible.

Cancellations must be coordinated through the Benefits Coordinator or the SSLI Home Office, at the number listed above. You will be notified that CANCELLATION REQUESTS REQUIRE THE COMPLETION OF BLOCK 21 (Signature) OF THE ALLOTMENT FORM (DD 2558). ONLY COMPLETE BLOCK 21, IN BLACK INK and attach it to a note or letter specifically requesting cancellation at a particular date and of the specific product. The DD 2558 and letter request will need to be forwarded to the SSLI Home Office at :PO Box 2572, Staunton, VA 24402-2572.

Benefits Coordinator: Art Liss, CLU., 360-907-7329, Email: aeliss1@comcast.net

Changes to the Long Term Care program require direct contact with the representative of the insurance company. Our Benefits Coordinator will walk you through the process.

Benefits Coordinator: Art Liss, CLU., 360-907-7329, Email: aeliss1@comcast.net

Changes to the Special Needs Program requires contact through our Benefits Coordinator first. He will then walk you through the change process.

Benefits Coordinator: Art Liss, CLU., 360-907-7329, Email: aeliss1@comcast.net


Changes to these programs can be coordinated through the company website: USBA.com/members service area, email through the links at USBA.com/contact.asp or by calling Customer Service at 1-800-821-7912.